Old - How you can help:

Mail, fax or email a polite and respectful letter (as described below) to the Treasurer (see Contacting the Treasurer) .

Please also mail or email a copy of your letter to me.

Give your full name and at least your postal address.

Mention my full name and contact details:
Mr David C. Keenan of 116 Bowman Parade, Bardon QLD 4065, Phone: (07) 33662660, Email: [Address removed].

Indicate (preferably in your own words) that you are aware that:

I have received a bankruptcy notice from the tax office and may in future face a charge of contempt of court, which may carry a prison sentence.

I have a longstanding conscientious objection to paying tax for military purposes.

I am willing to pay my taxes to the tax office if guaranteed they will be spent on nonviolent civilian-based defence, which is where I have already spent them.

Ask the Treasurer (preferably in your own words) to:

Stop the legal action against me and all other conscientious objectors to paying tax for military purposes.

Consider changes to the law to remove the inconsistency whereby we have the right to conscientious objection to military service, but are forced to facilitate others to do our killing for us.

Is it not inconsistent of the law, to allow me to avoid committing what is to me the greatest crime, while forcing my complicity in that same (to me) crime when committed by others?

Thank you.

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