6 Dec 1997 116 Bowman Pde

Bardon QLD 4065

Ph: (07) 3366 2660

TFN: 484 547 746

ATO Debt Collection department


Fax: 32135407

Dear Sir,

This letter is following your phone call this Saturday morning (6-Dec-97). I'm sorry I failed to record your name (possibly Bruce?), or phone number. I am sending the following copy of my most recent letter (3-Feb-96) regarding the apparent debt, since you said you were not aware of it and your records indicated that the tax office had not heard from me since 1995. My most recent payment was a provisional tax instalment of $2175 paid through the Milton BC office of Australia Post on 6-Dec-96. Please let me know if you cannot confirm this. I fully intend to pay the non-military 90% of my tax to the tax office.

As I mentioned during the phone call: Before comitting public money to my case, you may wish to review the history and net results of the tax office's actions in the similar case of Robert Burrowes in Victoria. You may also wish to review the reasons why the tax office did not procede against me after issuing a summons in 1990, for which I returned an Entry of Appearance and Defence dated 3-Oct-90.

I ask you to understand that my conscientious beliefs are such that I would find it very difficult to live with myself if I did not take every precaution against knowingly contributing to the death of another human being, even though it might be indirectly, through the use of my money in some current or future engagement of the Australian Defence Forces. I have good reasons to believe that nonviolent defence is possible. I have been an editor of the magazine Nonviolence Today since 1985. You can find it on the world-wide-web via http://www.thehub.com.au/~davek.

Again, I am sorry to put you in this position. It cannot be pleasant for you either. I hold no resentment towards you for doing only what is required by your job.

You may wish to wait until my 96/97 tax return is processed before commencing legal action since this will reduce the amount of the apparent debt by approximately $6525 due to provisional tax that would otherwise have been refundable. I will be mailing my 96/97 tax return on Monday (8-Dec-97).


Dave Keenan.