Dear Arch,

I felt that my meeting with you this morning was very valuable; both on my personal problem (in directing our efforts away from the Treasurer and towards the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation), and more importantly in our all-too-brief discussions of nonviolent/social/civilian-based defence possibilities. I feel that we both came to a better understanding of each other's position, which did not in the end seem so very far apart. I'm so glad that Mark Hayes could be there to get to the heart of some of the defence issues.

Perhaps when you are Minister for Defence we can help to arrange a briefing for you from some more of the best minds in the country on the subject. This point of contact between us is infinitely more important than my little problems. If I have to be bankrupt for the rest of my life and have a criminal record in order to keep my conscience clear, then so be it.

Thanks to your comments on the realities of the situation with regards to the Treasurer, I will be seeking a personal meeting with the Deputy Commisioner of Taxation. I'm not sure if there is more than one DCT in Brisbane, but David E. Butler is the person whose rubber-stamp signature appears on the documents I have received. When you write to him, would you please ask him to meet with me in person. Please send me a copy of the letter.

And again, thank you very much for giving of your valuable time to see me this morning. You said you were impressed with my sincerity. I also was impressed with yours. You have greatly lifted my spirits and I will treasure the memory of our meeting.

-- Dave Keenan