Nonviolence Today No. 17 October/November 1990

17.1 The inside front cover and a request for information on the Chinese pro-modernisation movement 1989
17.2 Vale Vicki (Eulogies for Vicki Turner-Jones)
17.3 The Cooperative Power of Nonviolence
17.4 Kooris Stride Toward Freedom
17.5 Letter to the Tax Department
17.6 Rainforest Pickets
17.7 Brisbane Rainforest Action Group
17.8 Just When You Think You Know It All... or diving deep and surfacing (A prison experience)
17.9 The Community Service Alternative
17.10 Protest Mum's Jail Experience
17.11 Book Review - Housmans Peace Diary
17.12 Book Review - Hammer of Justice: Molly Rush and the Plowshares Eight
17.13 Military Students and Civilian-Based Defense
17.14 Letters - War Resisters' League (WRI) and Peace News, Kindergarten teacher faces three days jail for Pine Gap protest, Words of Martin Luther King Jr, Civilian-Based Defense Association appeal