About the Cover

The cover is a tax resistance poster aquired some time ago by one of the

editors. We would love to credit the source of this poster, but

unforutnately neither the publisher's nor the artist's name appears on it.

Printing and some cover artwork by Marshall Arts, 24 Industrial Ave, Wacol



Australian Actions

27.1 Project Sandcastle - Protecting the D'Entrecasteaux National Park

Patsy Molloy and Josh Ledger

27.2 No Nukes for Perth Bernadette McCartney

Tax Resistance

27.3 War Tax Resister Convicted of Contempt Thomas Weber


27.4 1992 Nonviolence Gathering Report Miriam Solomon


27.5 Women Around the World Overcoming Violence Shelley Anderson

27.6 Planting Seeds of Nonviolence in Sri Lanka Phil Esmonde

27.8 ANZUS Plowshares - As a Nonviolent Campaign (Part 3) Ciaron O'Reilly


27.7 Quaker Peace and Service, Sri Lanka Phil Esmonde

Human Rights Activist Considering Visit to Australia Yeshua Moser

Social Defence

27.9 Telecommunications for Nonviolent Struggle Schweik Action Wollongong

27.10 Italian Social Defence Brian Martin

What's this 'Credo/Bona' on the cover?

Credo and Bona are two of the month names from a calendar based on human

rights, originally designed by Roger Halsall and friends and published in New

Internationalist No 131, January 1984. The twelve month names are:

Vita (Jan): life, liberty and peace.

Domus (Feb): an acceptable standard of nutrition, housing, environment and

medical care.

Salus (Mar): safety, immunity from ill-treatment, respect for privacy and


Labor (Apr): work under humane conditions for fair pay, free choice of work.

Liber (May): freedom to choose where to live, to move, to seek asylum.

Patria (Jun): a homeland, nationality, change of nationality.

Credo (Jul): freedom of information, belief, thought, expression and


Bona (Aug): ownership of property compatible with the property rights of


Familia (Sep): family, marriage by mutual adult consent, divorce for just

cause, free choice of lifestyle.

Lex (Oct): equal rights at law, immunity from unjust arrest, impartial


Civis (Nov): democratic rights of a citizen, freedom of association, vote &


Otium (Dec): leisure, social, cultural and sporting participation, free


Editorial Collective

We hope Nonviolence Today will promote nonviolence in a broad sense. It is

strictly nonprofit and all editors donate their time and use of personal

resources. The editors for this issue were Jan, Janelle, Jerry and David.

We hope you will continue to support our efforts to promote the understanding

and practice of nonviolence.

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Institute for Total Revolution

Gandhi Marg

Sarvodayya Friendship Centre

Sri Lanka

Nonviolent Direct Action Group


Folkereisning Mot Krig (WRI)


Civilian Based Defense: News & Opinion

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