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The cover is a drawing by Veronika Spendier, and refers to the article on

page 4.

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34.1 Right to Protest Stifled Justin O'Brien


34.2 Women and Nonviolence Project Margaret Pestorius

34.3 A Moment of Peace, A Glimmer of Hope Bob Maat SJ,

Liz Bernstein,

Yeshua Moser

34.4 Peace on the Move Liz Bernstein

34.5 Disarming a Riot Rev. Rob Robertson

34.6 PBI Observe Protest Action in Sri Lanka's Free Trade Zone

Simon J Harris

34.7 Paroled Peacenik Pricks Pacifist Piety The Nuclear Resister

34.8 Nonviolent Action Sparks Commitment and Questions

Betsy Williams

Social Defence

34.9 Impressions of the Dutch Social Defence Network Brian Martin


34.10 The Midwest Pacifist Commentator Margaret Pestorius


34.11 Congratulations Andrew Donovan

34.12 Response to Sexual Treachery Brian Currie

34.12 Response to Sexual Treachery Charlie Daniels



Two Day Conflict Resolution Workshop

Facilitated by Diana Pittock. Evening of Friday 5 to Sunday 7 November 1993

(new dates).

This workshop will use an experiential approach to identify the causes of

conflict, to look at what helps and hinders resolution and to look at skills

needed in resolving conflict.

Diana has 15 years experience in running workshops on Conflict Resolution.

She trained in Australia and the United States with the Movement For A New

Society. She runs courses at the Council for Adult Education, TAFEs, and in

Universities educating teachers, social workers and other community activists

and workers.

Cost: Between $30 and $70 on a sliding scale depending on income and travel

costs. We also need non-participant cooks to enable us to keep the prices as

low as possible. Rewards and bribery will be offered!!! Please ring Kate or

Margaret at Commonground 057 938257 for more information

Editorial Collective

We hope Nonviolence Today will promote nonviolence in a broad sense. It is

strictly nonprofit and all editors donate their time and use of personal

resources. The editors for this issue were Jan, Janelle, Jerry and David.

We hope you will continue to support our efforts to promote the understanding

and practice of nonviolence.



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