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National Network

36.1 The Centre for Nonviolence The Australian Nonviolence

Network Facilitation Collective

Australian Action

36.2 Eight Kilometres of the Sacred Run Robert Burrowes

Tax Resistance

36.3 No Taxes to Kill Bougainvilleans Robert Burrowes

36.4 A Classic Case of Conscience Jim Rice


36.5 Women, Violence and Nonviolent Action Margaret Pestorius

36.6 Cambodian Peace on the Move Coalition for Peace &

Reconciliation (CPR)

36.7 Encouraging Peace - Not Enforcing It CPR, Nonviolence International


36.8 Kuranda Skyrail Bryan Law

Book Reviews

36.9 Social Defense, Social Change Yeshua Moser

36.10 Housmans Peace Diary and World Peace Directory


36.11 Vision into Reality Bob Maat

Congratulations Robert Burrowes

Campaign Against Violence Project Stephen Murphy

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Gandhi Marg

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Gandhi Marg

Gandhi Marg is the 100-page-plus quarterly journal of the Gandhi Peace

Foundation (GPF): an organisation dedicated to promoting research and writing

from a Gandhian perspective. Each issue contains a variety of material. This

includes theoretical and empirical analyses of a wide variety of political,

social, economic and environmental issues; comparative studies of social

change perspectives and programs; and brief items of 'House News'. Gandhi

Marg is edited by Ravindra Varma, Mahendra Kumar and N. Krishnaswamy. It is

published by the Gandhi Peace Foundation, 221-223 Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Marg,

New Delhi 110 002, India. An annual subscription (four issues) costs $US30

surface mail or $US45 airmail.