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The cover artwork is by Tamsin Edwards. The other original drawings are by

Tamsin and Stephen Francis.

Printing by Reprographics, Griffith University.



45.1 Nonviolent Defence of Beecroft Peninsula, Jervis Bay Janet Mayer

45.2 ANN Women in Action Margaret Pestorius

45.3 Nonviolent Intervention in Interpersonal Conflict: A Response

Mary Heath

Conflict Resolution

45.4 Nonviolent Conflict Resolution on Bougainville - A Vision

Anita McKone

45.5 Taking It To The Streets: Peace Troupe Mixes Activism and Performance

Cole Arendt


45.6 Nonviolent Leadership Jo Barter

45.7 Principles of the ANN Glen Ochre and

Robert Burrowes

45.8 Melbourne Nonviolence Education Collective Melbourne NEC


45.9 The Militia Movement And Civilian-Based Defense: Opposite Approaches to


Mel Beckman


45.10 Request for Stories Jo Barter

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