Gun Control

Dear NvT,

I was given your email address by Philip White in Adelaide. I am involved with a small publishing group which periodically puts out a newsletter called Comment on issues of current interest. We are in the process of putting one together on the issue of gun control. Our position is strongly in favour of removing all weapons from the community, including from the police and military. I am wondering if you have published anything recently on this issue, whether you have any references to useful publications, and whether you have contact numbers/addresses for any of the Australian gun-control action groups.

The organisation I work for is called Dulwich Centre Publications, and we publish mainly in the area of social justice and therapy. Our aim is to remove the focus of "therapy" issues from individual, internal psychology, and place it firmly on the collective, social and political context within which people live their lives. Our readership is mainly therapists, counsellors and social workers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the US and Europe.

I look forward to a quick response if possible, as we want to get this issue to press while the debate is still alive.

Chris McLean