Census Refusal

Letter to statistian

Robert J. Burrowes

19 McLachlan St


Victoria 3070

Tel/Fax: (03) 9482 4973

23 September 1996

Stuart Jackson

Deputy Commonwealth Statistician, Victoria GPO Box 2796Y


Victoria 3001

Tel: (03) 96157000

Fax: (03) 96157926

Dear Mr. Jackson

I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 30 August 1996, together with your 'Direction Under Subsection 10(4)' which directs me to complete the 1996 Census 'Household Form'.

I wish to inform you that I did not indicate to either your area census collector or your representative who visited me on 16 August that I would complete a census form if I received a written direction to do so.

Instead, I indicated in writing on my census form, and in person to your representative on 16 August, that I have a conscientious objection to completing the census form. This conscientious objection is based on my experience and the historical evidence, which I have studied carefully, that governments exist to facilitate the deliberate and systematic exploitation of ordinary people, nonhuman species, the environment and future generations.

For this reason, I do not feel like cooperating with any aspect of government, including your direction to provide statistical information, because it will enhance the capacity of elites to systematically exploit constituencies that I love.

I understand that my refusal to comply with your direction makes it likely that I will be fined up to $100 per day for each day that I refuse.

In peace

Robert J. Burrowes