About the Cover

The cover artwork is by . The other original drawings are by Jeff Turner. The other drawing are by Zdzislaw Genek and Jeff.

Printing by Reprographics, Griffith University.



1 The Long Walk Greg Ogle

2 Sanctions Against Burundi Military Rule Africa News

3 Spontaneous CBD in Kosovo Peter Bergel

4 Spontaneous CBD in the Philippine Revolution John F. Taylor and

Richard W. Fogg


5 IPRA - Creating Nonviolent Futures

6 Peace Caravan to Sudan Africa News


7 Census Refusal Robert Burrowes

8 Tax Resistance Robert Burrowes

9 Letter to Medicare Robert Burrowes

10 Vote for Nonviolence Karen Rosauer


11 Critique of Nonviolence Howard Ryan

12 Letter of Peace Jordi Cusso

13 Sedition Trial Yisrael Medad

14 Environmental cost of US bases? Paul Hubers

Please note the changes to our phone number and email address, and our new World Wide Web address, on the back cover.

Editorial Collective

We hope Nonviolence Today will promote nonviolence in a broad sense. It is strictly nonprofit and all editors donate their time and use of personal resources. The editors for this issue were Jan, Janelle and David. We hope you will continue to support our efforts to promote the understanding and practice of nonviolence.

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Sarvodayya Friendship Centre

Devi Prasad Babu Mathew Gandhi Marg Narayan Desai

USA Thailand

Mubarak Awad Nv International

Sri Lanka

Nonviolent Direct Action Group


Uni of Papua New Guinea, PNG

The Commonweal Collection, England Geoff Harris

IFOR, Netherlands Louise Finnegan

Alba Kor, Hungary Thomas Weber

Izmir War Resisters' Association, Turkey Alexandra Perry

Coalition for Peace & Reconciliation, Cambodia

Society for Peace & Development, Bangladesh

Pan-African Reconciliation Council, Nigeria

Sulak Sivaraksa, Thailand

ECT Resource Centre, South Africa

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The Dalai Lama, India

Vigil, India

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