Anti-Militarism Web Site

Dear NvT,

Many of you received a message a couple of months ago about plans to establish an Australian anti-militarism web site. The site is now on the web, albeit in a fairly rudimentary form. You can find it at the following address:

At this stage there are no graphics. If you know of anyone who would be willing to commit themselves to putting some time into making the site aesthetically pleasing, please let me know.

Many campaigns and many peace groups are not yet represented on the site. If you are a member of such a group, or involved in such a campaign, please email the details so that we can include you on the site.

You will see from the section entitled 'Australian Military' that we want references for information that purports to be factual, or rigorous. We would like researchers and activists to be able to use this information without having to search for sources.

We are very keen to receive your comments and suggestions. We also hope that the peace movement as a whole will have some sense of ownership for the site. It was established as a result of two major peace conferences earlier this year and, as such, can be considered an initiative of the wider peace movement.

Friends of the Earth Nouveau in Adelaide has put the site together and, because it is located on FoE's site, we will be taking responsibility for inputting data. Naturally we can input information received from other people. We would prefer that this information is sent by email or on a Macintosh formatted disc. In the long run it may be possible to relocate the site to allow other people to input data. However, since FoE's site is free, we decided to use that for the time being.

We look forward to receiving lots of comments.

Philip White

National Anti-Militarism Spokesperson, Friends of the Earth (Australia)