Nonviolent Response Stories

Dear NvT,

I am currently compiling and editing a collection of stories, case studies and articles on nonviolent responses to fascism, racism and hate politics with the aim of publishing them in a booklet.

In the light of the current activist responses to the 'One Nation' party and to the level of racism in Australia there seems to be little awareness, or understanding of the power and effectiveness of nonviolent resistance to organised fascist or racist politics within many Australian activist networks. This booklet will aim to raise awareness of historical and contemporary nonviolent struggles around the world against the sort of politics that faces us now in Australia. It will be available to activists currently engaged in confronting 'One Nation' and challenging racism and hopefully, be a resource for groups developing effective nonviolent campaigns.

So far, stories collected include; Civillian resistance to Nazi occupation in Norway and Denmark, Those who said 'No!' to the Holocaust, Listening Projects for Peace and Reconciliation, how one town in Montana USA resisted neo-nazi activities, how women stood up to neo-nazi attacks in a village in Scotland, many stories of nonviolent resistance to racist and neo-nazi violence, terror attacks, detentions and deportations in Britain and Europe, the nonviolent struggle of the Roma people for recognition within Europe, Lesbian and Gay Street Patrols to prevent homophobic attacks in Sydney and the Sanctuary Network which aims to provide santuary for East Timorese assylum seekers threatened with deportation from Australia.

I would appreciate any other stories of nonviolent responses to hate-politics from Nonviolence Today readers to add to the booklet. Personal stories or articles on large scale campaigns, historical or contempory, of any size and format. Please send them by the end of August for inclusion in the booklet.

If you have any such stories, please send them: C/- Australian Nonviolence Network PO Box 69 Brunswick Victoria 3056 or email:

"Stories can conquer fear you know. They make the heart stronger" - Ben Okri.

Yours in peace,

Anthony Kelly

Nonviolence Education Collective (Victoria)