Dear NvT,

Some of you are aware of the Australian anti-militarism web site.

Others are hearing of it for the first time. This site was established in the second half of 1997 and is designed to provide information to people interested in Australian peace issues and in critical perspectives on the activities of Australia's military.

Recently there have been some unavoidable problems with the server, so the address has had to be changed. I apologise to anyone who has tried to access the site. The new address is <>.

This address is on Friends of the Earth (Nouveau)'s web site. There would be some advantages in having an independent address, but hopefully I will be able to keep you informed of any changes.

Information is currently available under five general headings as follows: Actions, Campaigns, Peace Groups, International Peace and Conversion Links, Australian Military. The last of these headings covers the largest percentage of files on the site, partly because of the vastness of the topic. There is information on Australian military industry, military contracts, military expenditure, US bases, etc.

I would now like to expand the information under the first three of the above headings. These are the areas that relate directly to the activities of the Australian peace movement. There are already quite a few peace groups listed on the site and some of these have provided information on their campaigns and actions. However, I am aware that there are many groups that have not yet provided details for inclusion.

In order to make the site as useful as possible to the peace movement in Australia and overseas, it would be very much appreciated if you could ensure that groups that you are involved with are listed.

Please send a brief outline of the activities of your group, its campaigns and current actions, along with contact details that you are happy to have included on the Internet. Home phone numbers and addresses might not be a good idea, unless you judge that that is an acceptable risk. I am particularly keen to have an up-to-date list of actions that people visiting the site can get involved with. One action that you might wish to take, if you haven't already done so, is to endorse the Statement of Purpose of the Coalition to Reduce Military Spending (look under the Actions section).

Please send information to me by email to <> or c/- Friends of the Earth (Nouveau), PO Box 3231, Rundle Mall, Adelaide, 5000. Email is much easier for me to deal with, because I don't have to type in the details.

I'm going overseas for a while, so the web site might not be as up to date as you would like, but lots of the information won't go out of date in a hurry. It is possible that the address might change again if I find myself overseas for a long time and someone else decides to take over the site. If that happens we will try to publicise the change.

Philip White