Links to other nonviolence-related sites.

Australian Anti-Militarism Web Site
The site includes information under the following headings:
Peace Groups
International Links
Australian Military

Peace News
The editorial objectives of Peace News are to:
support and connect nonviolent and anti-militarist movements around the world,
provide a forum where such movements can develop common perspectives,
take up and promote issues suitable for international campaigning,
promote pacifist analysis by testing assumptions against contemporary events,
promote and give critical support to nonviolent revolution.

The Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution
The Journal welcomes any work relating to the fields of peace studies and conflict resolution.
This could be, but is not limited to, academic papers, personal essays, biographical (or autobiographical) experiences, or web-publishable artwork.

Alternatives to Violence Project in New Hampshire (AVP-NH) has been providing workshops in non violence in New Hampshire since 1992. AVP is staffed by community volunteers trained to facilitate workshops. Non-violent resolution workshops are held in the state's prisons, in middle and high schools, and in the community. In July of 1999, our website went online. Extensive information is provided there about both the history of AVP and who you can contact in order to become involved with us. Links are provided to other AVP websites for those of you not in the northeastern United States. AVP is worldwide! Check out the site to learn how YOU can do something NOW to stop the escalation of violence in our world!

Mark Shepard's Peace Page
Author/journalist Mark Shepard offers a collection of Gandhian resources on the World Wide Web. Featured are the full text and many photos from nearly all of Mark's publications on Gandhi, nonviolence, and simple living. Titles include Gandhi Today, a report on India's Gandhians, including Vinoba, Shanti Sena, and the Chipko Movement; The Community of the Ark, on Lanza del Vasto's Gandhian community in France; and Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths, the 1990 Annual Gandhi Lecture for the International Association of Gandhian Studies. Also included are excerpts from Gandhi Through a Child's Eyes, edited by Mark for Narayan Desai.

Mark's articles have appeared in nearly every major peace periodical around the world. Gandhi Today was called "a masterpiece of committed reporting" by the American Library Association Booklist.

Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service GandhiServe Foundation's web site offers photos, footage, audio, books, information, writings online, video online, research service, consultancy and rare materials on Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi.

Uniting Church (Qld.) Social Responsibility Advocate WWW Site

Peace Brigades International

War Resisters League

War Resisters International

Civilian-Based Defense Association

Friends of the Earth International

The Nuclear Resister (URL unknown)

Reconciliation International is published by Fellowship of Reconciliation

The Nonviolence Web is home to many of the US's most dynamic peace groups.

Greenpeace International

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Earth First! Journal

Oregon PeaceWorks is a decade old organization. We started out as a "peace" group but, as we've grown and matured, we've come to realize that "peace" must be defined in its broadest sense. Consequently, while two of our focuses continue to be nuclear nonproliferation and reductions in military spending, we now work in the areas of environmental protection, economic justice and community-based development, human rights and social justice. Our newspaper, The Oregon PeaceWorker (circ. 12,000) just celebrated its 10th year of continuous publication.

War, Peace and Security Guide, Canadian Forces College.

Biospirituality - Promoting spiritual evolution towards a more peaceful, compassionate, and just world.

Fragments is a mosaic of essays, stories, graphics and quotes, written from a non-ideological, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian point of view. It addresses diverse topics such as strategic nonviolence, war, aggression, patriarchy, changing values, alienation, urban decay and community. Fragments advocates social change and the exploration of alternatives to the dominant culture.