Nonviolence Today No. 20 April/May 1991

20.1 The inside front cover
Ad - Civilian-Based Defense: News & Opinion
20.2 The Gulf Peace Camp
20.3 Gulf Supply Ship Blockaded
20.4 Watsonia Protest
(at Simpson Barracks in Watsonia, a western suburb of Melbourne)
20.5 Blockading The Defence Centre
(on St. Kilda Road in Melbourne)
20.6 Kooris Protest ATSIC
(the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission)
20.7 The Beginning Of The End?
An Update On Robert Burrowes' War Tax Resistance Campaign
20.8 Peace Movement Aotearoa (New Zealand)
20.9 Nonviolent Police
(from the electronic-conference 'nonviolent.action' on the APC network)
20.10 Middle East Witness:
A Nonviolent Presence in Israel and Occupied Palestine
20.11 Peace on the Move?
War Resisters' International 20th Triennial Conference
at La Marlagne, Belgium, 28 July - 1 August 1991
20.12 Coming Events
Social Defence Conference 24 - 26 May 1991, Cherry St. Ballina
Nonviolent Politics Workshops (Melbourne, Apr-Aug 1991)
Victorian Gathering, 1pm on Sunday 2nd June 1991
Master Classes - Prof. Johan Galtung and Dr. Fumiko Nishimura
at the University of Queensland, from 1 July to 8 August 1991.
20.13 Nonviolence: An Introduction (a paper review)
20.14 Building a Peace System (a book review)
20.15 Peace Brigades International Visit
20.16 Letters -
Violence at protests is discouraging
News from Yumiko Kanebako in Japan
Controversy over an editorial note