About the Cover

The cover is a symbol of balance that came out of a small-group discussion on

nonviolence culture at the 1992 Nv Gathering. Don't let its symmetry and

closure fool you, it is only an approximate model, to be modified or

discarded when its usefulness has passed. In particular some felt that

emotion deserved its own segment. The boundaries in this diagram are, of

course, illusory, as are all boundaries. The colours were chosen to be

equilaterally opposed on a colour wheel.

Printing and some artwork by Marshall Arts, 24 Industrial Ave, Wacol.


AIDEX Reflections

26.1 Nonviolence: Theory and Practice Ron Guignard

26.2 Defeat From the Jaws of Victory? Chris Hannaford


26.3 Commonground - An Experience in Living and Working for Social Change

Nonviolence Gathering

26.4 An Action Plan for the Australian Nonviolence Network

Nonviolence Gathering 1992


26.5 Upgrading Our Skills Margaret Pestorius

26.6 Problems with Nonviolence "Training" Jerry D. Smith

26.7 Nonviolence Introductory Workshops Margaret Pestorius

26.8 Nv Workshop Facilitators Skill Development Course

Glen Alderson

Australian Action

26.9 East Timor Embassy Peter D. Jones

Living Nonviolently

26.10 War Tax Resistance: How You Can Help Robert J. Burrowes

International Actions

26.11 Volunteer With PBI in Guatemala, El Salvador or Sri Lanka

Peace Brigades International

26.12 Disarmament Camp OMEGA

26.13 ANZUS Plowshares (Part 2) Ciaron O'Reilly

26.14 Lithuanian Nv Action Centre Nonviolent Action Centre


26.15 At Ease! Anthony Kelly


26.16 Reuniting The Women's Movement and Nv Principles

Laurie Bain


26.17 Project Sandcastle Patsy Molloy

Bellingen Environment Centre Belinda Little

Tax Resister in Court Again Robert J. Burrowes

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