About the Cover

The cover artwork is by Tamsin Edwards and relates to the article on page12.

The other original drawings are by Veronika Spendier and Tamsin.

Printing by Reprographics, Griffith University.


International Action

41.1 Responding with Words not Whips Varaporn Chamsanit

41.2 Blue Stocking Women Fahrunnisa Ekren

41.3 Walk Across Europe Pol D'Huyvetter

41.4 European Peacemaking David Hartsough

41.5 Women Leading the Way Rebecca Spence


41.6 Police Deals and Threats: How Should Nonviolent Activists Respond?

Robert Burrowes

41.7 Nonviolence as a Discursive Struggle Roland Bleiker


41.8 Bilbo on Adventure, Networking Margaret Pestorius

41.9 Time to Debate ANN's Principles! Glen Ochre and Robert Burrowes

41.10 Network Facilitation Jo Barter

41.11 NFC Update Jo Barter

41.12 ANN Phone Link-up Jack Lomax

Centre for Nonviolence

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Editorial Collective

We hope Nonviolence Today will promote nonviolence in a broad sense. It is

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resources. The editors for this issue were Jan, Janelle and David. We hope

you will continue to support our efforts to promote the understanding and

practice of nonviolence.

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